What causes breakouts anyway?

Before you are ready for the perfect selfie, let’s walk through the basics. Here’s the scoop on how your skin works.

Skin Cells - Your skin is made up of over 37 trillion cells! So, it can get a little crowded in there. Dead skin cells build up and clog your pores.

Oil - Excess oil gets trapped in your pores and contributes to acne breakouts.

Bacteria - Bacteria feeds off oil and multiplies, causing problems for your skin like acne.

What Causes Acne Breakouts?

Clean Skin Solution

The most important step is building your own personal skin care routine. Here are some tips and products to help throughout the day!

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Clean & Clear® morning burst® skin brightening facial cleanser

Wash in the Morning

Awaken your senses and refresh your skin. MORNING BURST® Facial Cleanser is infused with BURSTING BEADS® which burst with energy and vitamins, leaving you feeling radiant and refreshed.

If you experience regular acne, try using a medicated cleanser. CLEAN & CLEAR ADVANTAGE® 3-in-1 Foaming Acne Wash goes beyond cleansing to treat acne as you wash and help prevent future breakouts.

Clean & Clear® deep action exfoliating scrub

Scrub Regularly

CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub invigorates skin by cleansing pores deep down and gently exfoliating surface skin. Use an exfoliating scrub every 2-3 days to help remove dead skin cells.

Clean & Clear® advantage® acne spot treatment

Treat Flare-ups

CLEAN & CLEAR ADVANTAGE® Spot Treatment is shown to reduce pimples in just four hours. Pimples are reduced in size, swelling and redness, and the formula won't over-dry your skin. Voila! Pimple looks better. Now get out there and have some fun!

Clean & Clear® night relaxing™ deep cleaning face wash

Wash at Night

Wash Up. Wind Down. NIGHT RELAXING Deep Cleaning Facial Wash helps clean daily build-up like dirt and oil. Calming aromas help wind you down—leaving you clean and relaxed.

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5 Acne Myths: Busted!

MYTH: Popping a pimple will help it go away faster.

False. When a zit shows up on your face, the first thing you want to do is pop it, but doing so can have serious consequences. When you squeeze a pimple, the infection can be pushed even deeper into your skin causing the pimple to get redder or even bigger, increasing your risk of scarring. It is better to leave your blemish untouched and let it disappear on its own than by popping it.

MYTH: My diet doesn't affect my acne.

False. Chocolate, sugar, and greasy foods have not been proven to give you acne. But some refined carbs like white bread, pasta, chips and cornflakes might actually make acne worse if you already have it. So, it's important that you eat a well-balanced diet to stay healthy and feel better about yourself.

MYTH: People with acne shouldn't wear makeup.

False. If you're going to wear makeup with acne, just make sure you wear some that says "oil free" and "non-comedogenic." However, it is still important to remove your make-up before you go to bed.

MYTH: Stress can make breakouts worse.

True. Stress causes hormones to fluctuate and can affect your body leading it to produce extra oil, which can make breakouts worse.

MYTH: Acne is a result of poor personal hygiene.

False. It is a common misconception that acne is caused by dirt. In reality, acne is caused by oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Simply washing your skin with a basic cleanser will only remove excess oil and dead skin cells. You should use a cleanser and/or spot treatment that contains an active ingredient such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to treat and help prevent acne.

Top 5 Ways to Face the Day!

  1. Start and Finish Strong.

    Cleansing in the morning and night before bed are key to a clear skin routine.

  2. Think Before you Pop.

    Popping pimples can cause scarring and other problems down the road. Treat it. Don't squeeze it.

  3. Oil Never Sleeps.

    Your skin produces oil 24/7. Try on-the-go products that help remove oil and shine throughout the day.

  4. Heroes Aren't Hard to Find.

    Acne Heroes like Salicylic Acid & Benzoyl Peroxide help manage blackheads and breakouts. They are found in many skin care products.

  5. Stay True to the Real You!

    Don’t forget to be yourself no matter what. Let your personality shine!


Hey Teachers!

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Lessons and activities you can use in your classroom:

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